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Tanzanian Cuisine — Pilau and Kachumbari

Aahhh.. today i’m gonna post my favorite foods and of course they’re Swahili Foods, aka Mahanjumatti!

This is Pilau! Very spicy, tasty, and yummy


and below is Ugali (cornmeal) with Sukuma Wiki (Kale) and stew, added by Kachumbari (Tanzanian Salad)

Ugali yumm!


A Black Girl in the Philippines: Meet Laura Wise!

A Black Girl In the World

What made you move to where you are today? 
I moved to the Philippines for a job and adventure. I’m a young adult missionary for the United Methodist Church. When I applied for the program I accepted having no idea where I was going. So my appetite for adventure definitely allowed me to be open enough to go where I was summoned. And viola..15 months later I’m here in the Philippines working for peace and justice with a local NGO.
 How did you prepare for the move? How did you find housing? Did you need to learn a new language? 
In my case I definitely over-prepared. Before moving I went through an intense 3 week training preparing my batch-mates and I to live and work internationally. The theme was: simple living, and I really took it to the extreme. I brought no cute clothes, no heels, none of my fabulous…

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Speech Be Done Ya’ll

Alright ya’ll its time for a little pat in the back.  I am a very bad public speaker, but last nite i had to face mah fears! mmh.

I had to give a speech in front of 150 ppl yesterday and it rocked! soo…

queen bey