Fools in Love

Fools In Love. Enchanted by a blissful, and sometimes willful ignorance, we become fools in love as we allow ourselves to be fooled by the fools we love. We become blind to that one thing that needs to be seen, deaf to that one thing that needs to heard, and mute about that one thing that needs to be said—the truth. Truth and honesty is what we all desire in relationships. Truth and honesty is what a lot of us promise in relationships. But truth and honesty is what many of us fail to give, or receive—in that failed moment, love becomes nothing more than a tango between the fooled and the foolish.

A lot of us avoid telling or hearing the truth in our relationships because on a very basic level—regardless of good intentions or bad—we don’t want the people we are in love with to see us for who we really are, nor do we want to see them for who they really are. Afraid that the person we are with would rather leave us than better themselves for the good of the relationship, some of us are willing to lie about our feelings and pretend we are happy. To avoid being seen for the deceitful and unfaithful creatures we are, some of us dodge sharing the truth because we fear the consequences of it and what that will reveal about our character. Some of us, just to shield ourselves from someone else’s anger or tendency to overreact, will bend the truth or alter it completely because we don’t want to see them for the jealous and controlling person they really are. Some of us, in order to seem deserving of our love interest’s affection and attention, will embellish, exaggerate, and fabricate our goals and aspirations, achievements and accomplishments. And some of us, in order to maintain our false reality and keep it intact, will embrace denial and avoid hearing the truth about our relationship from those honest people who see it for what it is. Regardless of our reasons—good or bad, selfish or selfless—we convince ourselves that a lie is better than a truth, and that moment makes you, me, us, fools in love.


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