Well hello again .

"Nyabs on the Wire"

Nothing makes you pick up your phone and start blogging again than sitting on your bum for more than 4 hours as your mama does your hair!! And of course I didn’t want to put in short extension , nope I want braids soo long that Rapunzel would be jealous! Well I’m in my final year now and I’m almost 21 !!!  Ahhh need to change my blog title?!! What I’ve gathered is as  I age I seem to be getting dumber! I mean the final year is where you are meant to be smart mature collected and know what you want to do with the rest of your LIFE!! This is it ! And the lectures and the classmates don’t let me forget that . I have no idea what I’m doing  and that scares me to no end!

Also in the middle of one of my exams for…

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