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YEAR 2015


What i want… in love

“You see, I want that…I want that my-friends-think-I’m-crazy-kind of love
That reckless kind of love, that wake-up-early-make-you-breakfast- kind of love
That crack open my life and say look, you gotta see this-kind of love
Forget the shallow stuff, I want the deepest -kind of love
That, yeah, I want to stay-up-late-and-tell-you-all-my-secrets -kind of love
That every time I see you I fall to pieces  -kind of love
I want that stand-next-to-me  -kind of love, that you are my destiny -kind of love
That no matter what happens you’ll always get the best of me -kind of love
That you get my heart and mind, this world gets the rest of me -kind of love
that invest in me  -kind of love
because you already know that I’m invested in your   -kind of love
That you come home, “I’m sick,” you don’t have to say nothing, I already know what to do  -kind of love
I want…I want love”


Tanzanian Cuisine — Pilau and Kachumbari

Aahhh.. today i’m gonna post my favorite foods and of course they’re Swahili Foods, aka Mahanjumatti!

This is Pilau! Very spicy, tasty, and yummy


and below is Ugali (cornmeal) with Sukuma Wiki (Kale) and stew, added by Kachumbari (Tanzanian Salad)

Ugali yumm!